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This week, I’ve got a handful of random items to share with you, and some news about the new that will be released this summer. And, as always, I invite you to reach out to my staff and I seven days a week. We are always working, and always available.

Here’s what’s news at Zilbert:

THE GRAN(DEST) OF THEM ALL. We are highly-anticipating the launch of GranParaiso, the fourth tower in the hugely-successful Paraiso master condo development project in Miami’s incredible Edgewater district. The other three towers were enormous success stories, and this will be the newest and most-exciting new tower. As usual, Zilbert will be there on day one with entry level pricing, and our clients get preferred pricing. We will have an announcement very soon about this project, but let me know if you wish to be placed on an advance list to look at units we will be selling. This is another Related Group development, and for this fourth tower, Italian design mastermind Piero Lissoni will be the design architect. It’s going to be something truly amazing.






WHAT TO BUY? WHEN TO BUY? If you are a buyer, you may be getting mixed signals from the Miami marketplace. On one hand, with the strong U.S. dollar, non-U.S. buyers may be hesitating. On the other hand, Miami is going through its most-significant growth period in its history. So, anyone getting into real estate now is getting in during that upwards growth period (historically, pricing stablizes once growth stabilizes). But, make no mistake about it. The buyer opportunities are here, and now. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Sellers of Miami property who are from non-U.S. countries, particularly Europe, are seeing huge currency gains by selling their properties now. We believe many will negotiate favorable pricing to be able to “cash out” while their home currency is lower. The U.S. dollar cash sale is a windfall for them.
  • Some sellers are over-priced, giving a false impression that the market prices are higher than they should be. Enough time has now passed that we believe many of these unrealistic sellers will either reduced their pricing, or simply remove themselves from the market. This may give an impression of lower pricing. However, it’s really just a return to prices that are more consistent with the marketplace.
  • We are entering a 2-3 period where our many preconstruction buildings will be completing and opening (which has already started). While we have not created a market of “flippers” as we did with the last cycle, enough time has passed where there will likely be original buyers of preconstruction properties willing to let go their purchases at day-one pricing. That’s where the opportunities lie. And, for some of these buyers, their deposits that have been sitting in escrow have grown in value, due to currency changes in their home countries. So, yet another windfall for them should they sell out their contracts to new buyers. Zilbert has a team to match these sellers with buyers, and to facilitate in helping to find the proper and legal methods to either assign contracts or facilitate simultaneous closings.
  • South Florida is now seeing a surge in buyers from the U.S., which surprisingly enough, is something new for us. We have always had U.S. buyers, but the rate is skyrocketing. As U.S. buyers, particularly from the Northeast United States, continue to hunt for luxury properties, we are finding that our current pricing levels are compatible with their expectations. This means that although some of our condo properties are sitting at their highest valuations ever, buyers are making purchases.
  • Buyers from China are starting to descend on Miami. This adds a whole new demographic of buyers, one we did not have before. And the dollars coming into Miami are huge. We have yet to see what the impact on the market will be, however, as the number of buyers increase the amount of inventory decreases. So, for other buyers, this could reduce or eliminate buying options later on. So, perhaps this is a message to secure properties for yourselves ahead of this wave of buyers from China.

THE NEW ZILBERT.COM. Did you know that about 70,000 people visit each month? And add to that our visitors to us in Brazil (, Italy (, France ( and Russia (, we are a worldwide resource. Well, we are getting ready to launch the next generation of, and we are going to start to add many new features that make our web browsing experience a one of a kind experience. Not only will our site be Mobile-accessible (which you are going to love, by the way), we are redesigning how you look for properties or compare property prices. And, we will be introducing the “Zilbert neighborhoods”. This will help you watch and explore condos and homes in the areas that you want. We are very excited about this huge step in the growth of our technology, and it all debuts this summer 2015. Stay tuned!




EPIC Miami – Penthouse – PH-5401

The penthouse sits in 4522 sqft (420.1 m2) of living space over two levels, with an incredible private rooftop terrace with plunge pool. There is almost 3000 sqft of private outdoor space. We’ve priced this showcase apartment at $6.150M, which is about $1,360/sqft. Dare I even call this the deal of the week? In any case, you will love this property, and we are now booking appointments with qualified buyers. Brokers are also always welcomed at any Zilbert property.

Click HERE or on any photo below to learn more about this magnificent home.

01_Epic Unit PH5401


03_Epic Unit PH5401


04_Epic Unit PH5401


05_Epic Unit PH5401








Zilbert’s Jeffrey Miller and Mark Zilbert have just listed a lower-penthouse apartment in this five-star resort community.  Fully furnished, and offering 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in 2389 sqft (approx.) of living space.  Listed at $4,595,000. [MORE]





Zilbert’s Lisa Van Wagenen is featuring this south-of-fifth gem, offering 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in 2340 sqft of living space. It’s an incredible renovation and new design. Listed at $4,395,000. [MORE]
W South Beach Unit 1428


Zilbert’s Dario Stoka has a showcase offering on the ocean at the W South Beach.  It’s three side-by-side W apartments spanning the width of the tower, each of which can be used separately or combined.  A total of 2960 sqft, with three bedrooms.  Listed at $8,950,000.  [MORE]



Marquis Unit 3108


Zilbert’s Juan Alvarez has a great deal at Marquis. This 2 bedroom apartment has just been reduced to $820,000, and offers two bedrooms and 1647 sqft of living space. It’s very nicely appointed. [MORE]




So, what’s for sale around Miami and the beaches? Well, that’s where my team and I come in. We are here to help buyers find the best properties in Miami, and we have a lot of insight to share.

Here are some places where you can start looking around:

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As always, my team and I are available 7 days a week, and brokers are always welcomed at any Zilbert property listing.








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